Frequently asked questions

An updated list of most commonly asked
questions by our users.

Can non-registered users provide keys upon request?

Sure! Only the person issuing the request needs to have a KeysForWeb account. Sending the keys upon someone’s request does not require signing up.

Is it safer than sending a message?

Yes. We use encryption and safe data transfer protocols, which means no third party can break into the process or read the credentials. Only the issuer of the request will be able to see the keys after their counterpart submits them.

What if the secure vault window disappeared before I copied the keys?

No problem! The window closes in 60 seconds, but you can reopen it. The keys will still be available for 24 hours since they’ve been submitted.

How many key requests per month can I issue?

We don’t limit the number of requests. As long as the subscription didn’t expire, you can send as many requests as you need.

Do you transfer only the access keys for the WordPress admin dashboard?

No, you can request and send any keys! We have pre-made templates for the wp-admin and FTP keys, but you can create your templates for any keys you wish. The only side note is that we can’t check the validity of any other keys than those for WP-admin and FTP.

For which keys do you do the automated validity check?

We check the WP-admin and FTP keys.

Can I send the keys if they didn’t pass the validity check?

Yes. KeysForWeb makes 3 attempts to check the validity. If the keys fail to prove their validity all three times, the system will offer the user to send the keys anyway. In that case, the recipient will see a notification about the failed validity check.