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The full cycle in one app

Any exchange of logins and passwords begins with a request – so it is in life, and so it is in KeysForWeb. In this app, you can carry out the entire access keys handover process, including the inquiry.

Here, the sensitive data transfer follows the natural logic of the process. The requester sends a form, the owner of the credentials fills it out, the system sends it after validating – just like a normal conversation.

And there’s no need to go through exhausting explanations: the form has it covered. Tooltips and instructions are there to ensure your client isn’t lost in all the unfamiliar acronyms and technicalities.

A safe trip for the passwords

Messengers and email services are no good places to share sensitive data: they’re too vulnerable, and people often expose their accounts in those by staying logged in and leaving their devices places.

KeysForWeb won’t let anyone have a peek at the form apart from the one for whom it was intended. Data encryption, a protected channel and self-destruction algorithms combined make it impossible for any third parties to steal logins and passwords on the way.

The access keys will be available just for 24 hours and only to the one who requested them. With KeysForWeb, your clients’ data are safe and sound all through the process.

Painless access keys handover

Transferring credentials seems not a problem only until it is. One tiny typo can stretch a simple operation into hours and even days of waiting.

Different business schedules, different time zones – it’s not always easy to match time plans. But if you don’t, you may lose loads of time working around issues that occur along the way.

That’s why forms in KeysForWeb come with an automated validation. The system checks if the login and password work so that you get it all correct from the first try, saving time for everyone involved.

The service we’ve all waited for


Automated validation subtracts the human factor from the process to achieve a zero error rate. Correct data = work done faster.


Configure the form according to the type of access requested. Select a template or set your input fields: choose what fits best.


Single-use URLs, limited storage time, data encryption – everything to ensure maximum safety during the transfer.

Fast or secure? How about both!

Fast or secure? How about both!

Log in

Create your account in KeysForWeb – you’ll be able to use it later on

Invite the client

Send a URL to your client so that they could provide their credentials

Collect the data

After the system confirms validity, you’ll have 24 hours to copy the credentials

Automated password validity check

Automated password validity check

The credentials you’ve received aren’t working, and the client doesn’t answer? That’s not going to happen again.

At handover, KeysForWeb checks all access data for validity. That way, you’ll know for sure you get the correct login-password combination and waste no time on repeated requests and do-overs.

Reusable templates

Reusable templates

KeysForWeb has prebuilt request forms for the FTP and wp-admin credentials. Does that mean those are the only keys the system can handle? Surely not! The Request Form Builder lets you add any fields – as many of them as you need. And, of course, you’ll be able to reuse those forms – simply save your templates and select them whenever necessary.

Three fill-out attempts

Three fill-out attempts

If you and your client choose to proceed without validating the credentials, KeysForWeb will allow resending the form after submitting – just in case the sender of the keys realizes there was a typo. And one more time, to be on the safe side. The fill-out history with comments will be available in your account so that you don’t get confused with what’s correct and what’s not.

Handy access from multiple devices

Handy access from multiple devices

Convenience and mobility are crucial at work – and using different devices is a part of it. That’s why KeysForWeb lets you access your account from up to 3 devices – so that you could work from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone with equal ease.

Team plans

Team plans

Looking to cooperate with your colleagues using one account for all password requests? Team plan is your top choice then. Select a three-pack, add more people whenever necessary and manage secure credentials transfer together. Whether you work for yourself or are a part of a larger team, there is a KeysForWeb plan that will suit you right.

No more hiding keys under the doormat

New key received! 🎉

20 mins ago

Single-use URLs, limited storage time, data encryption

No more hiding keys under the doormat

If you handle sensitive information, you want it unharmed. No third party involved, no information loss on the way. KeysForWeb is how you get it done right.

With nothing hampering the process, both sides are happier with the cooperation. Try the most convenient access keys handover service and save your time for better things.

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